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Learn How To Earn Extra Money
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Promote On Pinterest

You can also Pin our shops on Pinterest by using your Associate Links as listed above as another way to promote and earn.  


If you own your own website or blog you can promote your Associate links on there as well!  Increased exposure = increased sales opportunities!

Quick Steps To Get Started

1.  Go To and create a free account if you don’t already have one

2.  Once you are signed in go to your My Account page or

3.  Select the Associates page.  This page will show you your Associate ID number

4.  Next go to your Facebook page and make a comment in your status for people to check

     out your link then insert one of the links listed below but add your Associate ID at the end

     immediately following the = sign (no spaces).  We give you permission to promote any of       our shops to earn yourself money through referral sales.  You’ll earn 15% of all sales made

     through your links!!

Current Available Links for Earning:

Do NOT forget to include your Associate ID.

More links will be available soon.  We add new designs and shops on a regular basis.

You can include links in your blogs, emails and more.  Be creative, make flyers, tell your family, friends, and co-workers or add your links using other social media sites.  The more you promote the more chances of sales which means you earn more!  You can even earn a bonus from Zazzle depending on how many sales are made through your links.